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Monday, December 8, 2008

out of money, and trying to get back in school...

I don't get how a person is supposed to get the money, and second chance to earn a degree in life. I'm told that a person needs an education in order to make enough money in life, but they need a good job to get enough money to take care of the costs of school. But, if you already are making enough money to take care of school, why would you need school? Or how are we supposed to get the education we need from school if we don't earn enough money to get back into school?

All of this doesn't make any sense and i'm frustrated over it. I want answers and the funds to get me back into school, i just don't know how to get them. So if anyone out there has answers please feel free to share!!


the picture is for your enjoyment!

Canon Beach, Oregon. Among my favorite places that i have been lucky enough to get too!
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