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Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Chapter

So this is my last night in my first apartment. Pretty much all my stuff is packed in plastic totes, waiting to be put in a garage attic till I some day return to fetch it. Its a new chapter of the story, the next page in my life. I could not be more optimistic or excited about it. I have made it through the last 6 months without too much chaos. Me and bunner had a great time here! He is the best roommate i could have ever asked for, in this 1 bedroom apartment with 25 room names. I will miss the internet/small couch/dinning room/table/fan room, which is connected to the in-between the big couch room/living room/nate's bedroom/hallway room. Its complicated. Anyways, Bunner has gone on to school, and i am going on a road trip starting Monday. He now lives in up-town, I no longer have a home. For the both of us I can only hope for the best. I know it will be great. He has a lot of talent, after all, he is the Bunner, and I have a lot of dreams to accomplish. So whatever happens in the next few days, weeks, years; I pray that God directs the both of us to Him. That He uses us to perfect His majesty and glory, and awesome designs in creating both of us. I feel like my adventure is just about to begin, and i really hope it is! Pray for both of us as we do go.

I'm going from here,
Back to here!

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