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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Transworld Trans Am

Clayton Shoemaker: Park Designer for Bear Mnt.

Let the Shred Begin!

It was a different setup this year at the Transworld Trans Am. There were options for just about anything. A Rail leading into a spine, a wall ride onto that rail, zumies couch, Highcascade marshmellow to bonk, a tank to stall, A sideways spine with a wall ride in front of it... A serious Circus! Bear Mnt's very own clayton shoemaker wanted to do something never done before and I would say that he hit his mark right on! A big thanks to the park staff and clayton! Way to be creative, cali is always one step ahead!

Dan "Handsome" Hanson

Dan: Back tail

Travis Meranda

Dan Handsome

Dan and Elin

Ryan Tarbel: 1st place winner!

Elin showed off her skills and received a 2nd place finish! Awesome work Elin! And my good friend Rainbow finishing with 3rd!!! The ladies killed it!

Jacob pre-gaming for judging all day long.

The judges. I heard a lot of laughs coming from that section...

Rail to wall ride, wall ride to rail. Whichever way you look at it will probably be the first time you have seen that combo.

Travis: Front 180 onto the circus bronco.

Below: Travis Meranda, Fast plant the boxes: Fast plant the Rail.
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