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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Duluth, MN. Bald-e-gal. December 3rd.

The title of this post says it all. Austin Young, Ryan Paul, Viktor Simco, Charlie Fenton, Filmer Sam Fenton and I were in Duluth, MN, for 30 hours this weekend. An explosion of tricks went down. A sick crew of guys to shoot with motivated each other to push limits. It was only December 3rd, and shots were to be had. An unfrozen lake kept the temps up, and our spirits were lifted getting early season hammers.

Rp and Sam Fenton celebrating after... well your just going to have to wait to see what put smiles on their faces.

Checking footy. More smiles. A sign of good times.

Viktor, Sam, Austin, RP.

Work begins. Fingers freeze. The sounds of fire cracking stair cases, cheering hoots, hugs and high fives; these are the things that make me proud to be apart of a Bald-e-gal filming crew. More to be posted when images are chosen. Till then, keep an edge in the snow.


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