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Monday, August 8, 2011

Surfing with the Kudla's.

Jeff Kudla.

Today I shot with the Kudla family and Trevor Barton. I'll leave you to guess the spot, cause I won't tell. :) It's one of my favorite places, right next to my other favorite places. Man, I love this place.

Good surfing with good surfers.

Jordan Kudla^ and Trevor Barton>
Both cranking back side smashes.

Trevor^ Jordan>

Yah Jordan!! I met him last year at the Walking on Water camps. He was good back then, but he is really getting good now!

Some more cuties and an almost massive air. The attempt surprised me! Next time stomp this buddy!

Such a good way to start the morning. Oh, same way I get to start tomorrow morning..

Maybe we'll see a few more of these?


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