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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More water housing in south FL.

Blake Burns and I shot for a few hours in the water today.. Still learning how to shoot with a waterhousing, just getting that feel for it is proving itself quite the challenge. But man, its so much fun. 
Storm surf is super hectic to surf in much less shoot in. The waves are pounding so hard and so quick the hardest part is trying to hold yourself in a spot to shoot while rip tides yank you wherever they want you to go... so yah. Lot to learn about this. I think I'm onto a good start. :) 

our buddy Walker Shipley. He just picked that board up today, after trying it out on a few waves I think he likes it. 

lay out. 

Sponsor shout outs. 

Its more fun to shoot the shore break when your camera is in a bubble. 
I love shooting in the water. So fun. 
Trying to keep at it and learn a thing or two. :) 

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