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Monday, January 14, 2013

4 of 10. New lens and a new break.

The paddle out today was crazy. Jumping of sketchy jetties covered with urchins into murk water outside of a harbor... not to mention one of the worst rips currents I've ever swam through. And although that may sound rough, today is once again one of the most surprisingly fruitful days I've ever had shooting surf. I love the new housing! I love being in the elements while I'm shooting! and I love that Porter rips! 

A few pics to tell this tale for me. 

It felt sharky out there.. porter agrees. But through it all we are stoked on what we got out of today. 

Amped that this trip is only about to get better!! I won't have internet for the next fews days so the post won't be coming in until later this week... I love suspense. Hana is around the corner with forcast of awesome swell. We can't wait to get into it. 

till then, 

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