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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Good times and epic fails.

Epic fail #1. 
This air. 

I felt like I was in the right place at the right time. Then, of course, I had pulled my camera up out of the water either to soon or to late so I had bad water spotting. That and I'm prety sure I got a face full of spray.. Just didn't come together like I was hoping. Good job by Ben Raimo though! great air dude.  

Then a couple good ones. Great surfing and some ok shots. 

Will Hunt came in close for a sick turn right in front of me. Again, Epic Fail on my part... I had the 50mm in the housing instead of the 10mm. oh well. makes for a good lify style shot. 


Another Fail. 
Will Hunt Boosted this huge air right in front of me. I was perfect down the line and again I had the 50mm instead of the wide angle.. It didn't turn out like I would have hoped. I'm just amped that I was able to put him in frame, to bad the focus was off, otherwise these could have been awesome shots.

My favorite of ben. He's got a mean slash. 

Day 2, same deal. 

pretty sure this is will cruising by on a nice wave. I love the view under the waves. 

This above view isn't too bad either. Will gets out of all of these.. he's a master when it comes to barrels. This was the best barrel shot I was able to get a close up of, but I saw both Will and Ben score some sick rides that I was just to far away from to shoot. The Ho'okipa currents make this spot nearly impossible for a good line up. 

 This guys didn't fair quite as well.. pounded! Shot of the day. 

Ben Raimo Slashin! 

Ugh.. Patience is key. Water shots never go right.. well not yet. Will killin it even with water in the face.  

 Will's got some mean airs. This one shot from the back of the wave. Diving under, turning around, and shooting isn't as easy as it looks.. I'm learning lil by lil, but pre-positioning is everything. 

Ben and Will. Sharing is caring. 

Another good hack from ben. I'm just a lil too far... makes me so frustrated! 

These are my favorite shots from the weekend.. Will's airs are huge! So epic. I don't mind the distance with these, and there are no water spots, even with the pouring rain. Something went right! yay. 

Last one, lil baby barrel for this guy.  

Ho'okipa has got to be the hardest place to shoot in the water. Wave after wave after wave.. its a non stop surf break with peaks coming in from all angles. So I guess I'm just stoked to go home with a few shots from the weekend at this break. Ben and Will were out there killing it for me and I'm glad to have the chance to be in the water and just see them surf from that angle, it really is amazing!  

thanks guys, 


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