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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

South Swell at La Perouse!

hey there reef. 
Sketchy, but fun. 

The morning sesh was ultra low tide.. We didn't take that into consideration before the mile hike to get to the brake, but oh well. We tried anyways and got a few good waves until the tide got so low that it was no longer safe to even be out there.. Full moon also brings high tides so we came back for that in the evening and scored.

 Here da pics. 

Ben Raimo smashing backside on ow tide. 

Nice. Thats surf. 

I was here... 

Evening sesh brought us better shape and bigger waves. 

New friend Roque Calderon. 
This guy can surf. 

Almost some barrels out there.. it was trying but the wind was against us. 

Friend zach from FL got brave and tried to tuck in this tuber.. More of a pincher. 

Beautiful! Wow I love the elements. 

Good surf for a sunday! 


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