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Friday, April 13, 2012

Today's look back.

A few years ago... Pat Garvin perfectly balancing rocks at Strands Beach. 
I came across some oldies today. Check 'em out. 

Viktor Simco admiring his work of of balancing the largest rock he could find. 

We didn't stack them all, actually, we only did a few smaller ones. There was a guy on the beach that had been working on these stacks all day long, when we came across it we had to have him teach us how. Pat was super into it and made a few really nice stacks of his own. 

Ryan Paul too!! man, that was a sick day in the books. 

I was still super rookie when it came to shooting surf. All I knew at this point was snowboarding and that the ocean was a beautiful thing to look at. Had I known better I would have been close ups of an amazing day at strands. 

I remember that we all got super sunburned from not wearing shirts this day.. haha. except for Brandon Phillips, I don't think he can get sun burned... Well, this was a sick day and I wanted to share some of it. Thanks for checkin in. 

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