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Friday, April 6, 2012

Tropical lifestyles.

It's so hot in Florida all the time. You can't escape it no matter what, but the beaches are pretty sweet and it is a blessing to jump into clear blue water without ever even thinking about a wetsuit. :) 

Outside Tatum's grandmas at night. The sickest place I have found in florida to relax and get away at. 
Me and ma babe. :) 

Sup tatum! 

Today has such a pleasant surprise! It was super windy and the thought that there may be waves never even crossed my mind until I walked around a corner and saw WAVES! My backpack hit the sand and I went running for the water as fast as I could! So excited to play in 2ft windswell! A super nice lady on the beach even had a 7ft board and she let me use it, I didn't even have to ask! She offered when she saw me eying it up quick.. :) So sick! So I've now been able to surf in the gulf coast, pretty epic. The body surfing was the best though, epic lil barrels in super warm, clear blue water. 

Hope you also had a great day! 

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