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Saturday, July 21, 2012

An hour or so under the surface.

We started out on this gorgeous evening here at white rock, a famous scuba/snorkel spot on maui. 
This was mine and Tatum's first time ever going scuba diving, so of course to make things really interesting we did it at night... Awesome. I wasn't sure what I was about to take part in but I knew it was gunna be good. 

Almost dark, time to swim out. 

On top our last instructions were given by my good friend Blake Moore(the guy with the experience..) and to the bottom we went, not to come back to the surface until our air was used up. 

Fish sleep at nights! Totally new concept to me. haha. I should say that some fish sleep at nights while others eat at night, so the species that enjoy a good nights rest have to find hiding spots so they don't become dinner. This makes it really easy to approach fish and get real close, they don't swim away! 

This eel was enjoying some sleeping fish. I watched it swallow up two of these goat fish within seconds of each other. I also tried to not get too close because they have a nasty bite and are not too afraid of people. Strange and creepy. 

Eels were everywhere. 

Spanish Dancer. 

I'm not a marine biologist yet (don't think I ever will be) so I'm not to good with all the names. 
Blake saw this and he knew what it was. These are his close ups as I probably would have overlooked it as more coral. Thankfully he's pretty good with these things and new to take a closer look at this spanish dancer. 

Puffer fish. 

Surprisingly not that pokey. I bumped into it and thought it was going to hurt, but it was actually pretty soft. I doubt it'd be very soft in my throat though... 

It's awesome down there. 
Thanks to Blake for the instruction and letting me play with his camera. 
Hope to do this more often. 


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