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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camping with a view.

Camping on the Island is so epic. 
Last weekend we made our way up almost to Poli Poli where the air is cold and crisp, and the sunsets are absolutely captivating. 

Here you can see pretty much the entire west end of Maui. This is looking down into the central valley where pretty much the whole population lives. 

On top of Mt. Haleakala looking down into the crater. 
This is the worlds most silent area. Crazy but true. 

Watching the sunset above the cloud lines. 
I think when people think of Hawaii beaches and palm tree's are the first thing to come to mind. I know that for me it was quit a surprise to find that on top of the mountains it is rarely over 45 degrees and winter jackets are comfortable if not necessary. The road to the top is even more surprising as you pass through rain forests to coniferous forests to grass laden field eventually turning into lava rock. It is an amazing thing to see. 

The top of Mt. Haleakala is known to be the 4th best place in the world for the viewing of stars.  Volcano's on Hawai'i make the number one place to view. 
I think it's be a pretty fun time to go sit in there for an evening and get some close ups on our solar system. 

A panorama of the crater. 
I hoped it would turn out a little better but it does give the general view as to what the most silent place in the world looks like. 

Life is fun, thanks for looking. 


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