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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A lil snorkel trip at Molokini Crater.

Yesterday Tatum and I took our day off and used some of our comp tickets to enjoy a little piece of what our jobs offer, snorkel cruises to Molokini Crater. We were on the Ocean Explorer's Wild Side adventure tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation. 

Shark Week! 
There was a white tip reef shark hanging out in his cave about 32ft under the surface. Wow! It was so fun diving down there and chilling right next to this beautiful shark. Also under that rock was the biggest spiny lobster I have ever seen! It was just about the same size as the shark. I was so taken back at the size of the lobster that I almost forgot that there was a shark a foot in front of me, my mind was on that lobster. 

44 seconds with the white tip. Not a bad breathe hold. 

Tatum at the drop off. 

We saw a couple Octopus down there. I got really close to one and it inked me! 
I wasn't quite fast enough to get video or photo.. next time. 

And at the second destination we saw many green sea turtles. 
This guy was taking a nap on the bottom. 

Just to show the size if these turtles! This was about the same size as Tatum but probably out weighed her by a hundred pounds. We did see another that was closer to the 450 pounds max that turtles get too. 

this guy had a crazy tumor growing on the side of his nogin. 

Under water world. So amazing. 

Sorry for not updating as much these days. It's been a long time since I worked a full time job... Life gets busy. Soon some of that will change again as I get more and more settled in here on Maui. There has been a major lack of swell on the islands and we are definitely due for some surf. Hopefully that will happen soon and I'll be on it to post some epic surf. 

thanks for checkin in. 


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