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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hawksbill Turtle Hatching.

A crowd gathers to watch a nest of endangered Hawksbill Turtles hatch. 
The other day at work I was told that there was a nest of turtle eggs predicted to hatch that evening. It was at my favorite beach and something new to me, so I checked it out. 

These beaches are pretty busy so its important that nature gets a chance to survive the crowds. Here a naturalist helps dig up the nest in a fenced off area making sure they get a chance to make it into the ocean. Before the crowds the turtles had enough of a challenge just making it past the birds and sharky's, unchecked tourists would deplete the population completely. Stoked to say that these 75+ Hawksbill Turtles all made it into the ocean. 

This first little guy was a good sign that many more could be ok. 

they just started poppin out left and right. 

Turtle Race. 

What a cool thing to witness. 
Endangered Species making a comeback! 

Thanks turtle guys. 


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