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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Through the cracks and crevasses, into the caves.

Today has been a long day.. early morning sunrise on top of Mt. Haleakala, ele 10,023ft, all the way back down to 30ft below sea level. 
A day of Diversity and Beauty. 

another day, another turtle. 
I get just as excited to see them now as I did the first time. 
Tatum and I watched a turtle crawl over rocks today when the swell went down.. in tatum's words, "so cute!" 

These are my favorite places/spots to swim through, crevasses and canyons leading to area where less people go. Tricky maneuvering can lead to some really epic scenery. 

Making my day complete was another dive into a cave where I found three 6ft+ white tip reef sharks. 
I tried staying down there as long as I could but the swell in the water today made it really impossible to stay calm and still. Bumping into the reef at one point led to some cut up and bleeding fingers so I got out of there quick! I know they are white tips and generally harmless.. just didn't want one to get a little to curious about my hand. I called it to hopefully return on a calmer and sunnier day. :)  Still, pretty epic! 

Thanks for checkin in! 

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