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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun lil surf sesh at the bay!

Carissa Moore.
 She was ripping so hard! put the guys to shame out there. 
In and out of barrels along with some seriously good maneuvers. Pretty incredible to watch her surf. 

My friend Will 'coconut willy' Hunt doing what he does best. Get barreled! 

Met luke today. He likes to get barreled too! 

Double rippin snippin. 

Cracks on the inside. 

dang, today was awesome! 

If you see one of your photos or want to see some of the other shots from today please email me at 

I shot a lot today and I don't really know anyone but will hunt.. new to the place still. 
Hit me up for some photos, a shoot, or anything else.. 

thanks for checkin in! 


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