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Friday, February 8, 2013

I had a photo sesh with some whales.

This lil guy gave us a scare!!! 
Us being myself and Garret Baker from Maui. 

Scare being that we thought the whale was off to our left when it decided it wanted to play with us! I know whales like playing around with boats.. and this young whale must have thought that we were big enough to play with, however, a two man kayak is barely big enough to play with a few ton whale! 

It came up and moved us a bit, sat there, then showed us some tail and took of splashing through the water. One of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed to this day! My heart was racing and I could barely move! Garret at one point even had to remind me to get some photos of it. Crazyness. 

We were able to spend a bit of time out there with this young whale and also a mother and very young calf came up to breathe, making this morning by far one of the coolest morning I have ever had. 

Mahalo Nature. 

West Maui Mountains. 

So thankful for it all. I'm stoked we didn't get dumped by the whale! Stoked to shoot so many photos of this giant wildlife. Stoked to be alive. 


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