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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Resession Session Photos

Chase Mastel

Doug Herman and his crew with Freshtip Design once again threw an awesome event. They are very creative and original with their setups and with the way they do things. Yah, the crew will probably be drunk by the time the event starts up, but they still manage to pull it together and give a great show. I like what doug does because people don't expect it, nor do they even think its possible till he comes along and does it. I heard a lot of people say. "whoa, wakeboarding in the street??? What is this?". It just helps get what we do get out there, make it public, make it known. I only hope that events like this will continue to happen and inspire. Yes, its possible to snowboard downtown Kansas City, and wakeboard in a busy city. Get the people hyped! Get them out there and get them riding.

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Not sure who this bro was... but it was pretty crazy that he got up on this rail, it was a gnarley ollie.


Micah McGinnity showed up and threw down a few tricks for the crowd.

Top View. Nicely located in-between Cowboy Slims and Stella's Fish Caffe, in downtown up-town.

Pretty awesome bottom view.


Toward the evening the lighting and sky just kept getting better.

Chaz Chaffe. Its been a while since I hung out with this bro... He has not changed much, get this kid in front of a crowd and he will try anything! This was a Boardslide 270 out. Insane!!!

Night View. Getting some long exposures in. I also wish I had a tri-pod again.. haha. Had to stick this one on the tail gate of a truck.

Chase sequence. Back lip 270 out.
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