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Thursday, August 20, 2009


bla bla bla bla bla.... I have been working a ton and haven't even had a chance to pick up my camera for a while! Work is good though, at least I now have a job again! Its cool being able to go places and spend money just cause i feel like it. I am hoping to save up enough to go to cali for a week or so soon. Get out there and surf a bit, shoot pics, see my bro's, maybe check out hot dawgs and handrails at bear... that'd be tight. So hopefully that will happen soon and i will be able to post pretty pics of all things undiscovered.

But yah, lately I have been doing a lot of concrete work. Its all decorative, so like stamped, stained, pretty much artwork permenently displayed in concrete. Its actually a really cool job. I'm hoping to be able to get a little bit more artsy with it and try some new and exciting things that have never been done before. We'll see what i can come up with.

I guess thats it for now... a lotta work and little to none photos. I haven't even been wakeboarding : ( ....

I hope things are going good for you!


Monday, August 3, 2009

LNP's Part: Rome SDS


Thanks for the photo Scott!

Scott Serfas Photography.

Behind the scenes of the Rome Shoot, Bear Mnt.

The shoot.

Rome's: A Hard Days Night.

Will Lavigne

This past winter I spent most of my time in Big Bear, CA. Photography has never been so real or so fun for me. Towards the end of the season I was asked to help out with the Transworld Team Shootout. I was with Rome. My job was to assist professional photographer Scott Serfas with his lighting and anything else he needed.

It was an awesome experience. It was cool to see how to put together a shoot like that, fix lighting problems, and get creative on the spot. Every night was a new feature and a new challenge for us. Scott really helped me out with understanding how things should be setup and why. I'm stoked to have been able to learn from him.

LNP dropping in on the wall ride.

I was only allowed to shoot very limited action for the reasons that Transworld was every protective on keeping this a secret. I also wasn't allowed to put up behind the scenes till the first issue of the year came out. Now I am stoked to be able to show a few faces from the shoot.

To read more about all and see all the photos go get the first issue of the year from Transworld!

Also a special thanks to the Bear Mnt Park crew. Those guys worked so hard to get stuff done for us. Their all awesome. Just stoked that we brought home the 1st place for them and us!

For more of what Scott Serfas does check out these two sites.



"A Hard Day's Night" TWS Rome SDS Team Shootout Teaser from KIDS ON SHRED PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

The SDS Team

Ryan Runke: TM of Rome. He made lists of things to do, and we did it!

How to make fog. He looks like a bandit about to throw a stick of TNT in yo face!

Do Work!

Eiki Helgason and Will Lavigne checking out the step down.

Will Lavigne: Scott snapped this photo.

LNP and team.


Will Lavigne

We had smoke bombs going off for the effect of fog in the movie and pictures. We all had to stand around in this stuff, and it didn't smell good.

Bjorn Leines.

Bjorn and LNP.

Marie-France Roy

I thought this was a pretty stunning sight. The Bear Park crew Blasted this bottom chair life with snow so the riders could hit it.

Eiki and Clayton Shoemaker(Bear Park Crew) working on Eiki's setup.

Below: Eiki, Will, and Marie-France Roy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I like this...

its my background. epic.

Wide angles are sick.

Yo, Amanda Renner. She matches. Purps on da purps.

Jesse Ostendorf.

Sick tat's bro!

Resession Session Photos

Chase Mastel

Doug Herman and his crew with Freshtip Design once again threw an awesome event. They are very creative and original with their setups and with the way they do things. Yah, the crew will probably be drunk by the time the event starts up, but they still manage to pull it together and give a great show. I like what doug does because people don't expect it, nor do they even think its possible till he comes along and does it. I heard a lot of people say. "whoa, wakeboarding in the street??? What is this?". It just helps get what we do get out there, make it public, make it known. I only hope that events like this will continue to happen and inspire. Yes, its possible to snowboard downtown Kansas City, and wakeboard in a busy city. Get the people hyped! Get them out there and get them riding.

Please support.


Not sure who this bro was... but it was pretty crazy that he got up on this rail, it was a gnarley ollie.


Micah McGinnity showed up and threw down a few tricks for the crowd.

Top View. Nicely located in-between Cowboy Slims and Stella's Fish Caffe, in downtown up-town.

Pretty awesome bottom view.


Toward the evening the lighting and sky just kept getting better.

Chaz Chaffe. Its been a while since I hung out with this bro... He has not changed much, get this kid in front of a crowd and he will try anything! This was a Boardslide 270 out. Insane!!!

Night View. Getting some long exposures in. I also wish I had a tri-pod again.. haha. Had to stick this one on the tail gate of a truck.

Chase sequence. Back lip 270 out.