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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A few more...

The guy with the camera is Chris. He recently took me on a trip deep into mexico with a few other awesome surfers. Porter Hogan, Blake Berns, Sean Herman, Chris and Myself.

We had a few days of really good waves and weather. Everyday something worked out so we were super amped on that! Days going by with a few shots of each rider seems like really good days to me. I've heard of surf trips not turning out right, showing up to a beach and seeing it flat is a brutal reality of surf trips, that was not the case last week. Stories and images from the week are being put together and put to good use. I'll keep you posted on where the money shots go.

Here are a few shots of one of the locals who really killed it!

Surfer: Raffa Murillo Arcee

I'll post more as I go through folders and folders..
Life is sweet!

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