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Monday, March 28, 2011

Surf Laguna!

Surfer: Porter Hogan.
Frontside punt in Laguna Beach, CA.

Some of the scenery in Laguna. I am blessed to be here!

Willy Hogan^ and Porter Hogan> Brothers Surfing.

Willy pulling a quick floater^ And Porter pulling the big brother punt. >

Willy was kicked off his board by some nasty back wash. Sadly he cut his heal pretty bad.. I think he'll be ok though. Go willy!

I'm just feeling super thankful for all the rad opportunity's I've had this year already. It's pretty much mind blowing on a daily basis. So thank you Porter and Willy, Chris and Karen, and Brandon and Patricia! All my good friends that help make life awesome. I've been getting a ton of support from you all and I wouldn't be here without.
Hmm.. Also, shout out to Lauren Kemp! She's this rad girl I know who talks me through blog posts. Killin it!


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