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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FLP Shooting.

It never surprises me that no matter how many times I go shoot, every time, with every crew, there are new spots and fresh ways of doing tricks at those spots. I finally got another chance to go shoot with Vinny, Jeffy, Colin, Sam Duncan, Alek, and Brett Spur. Fun times out in the cold...

Jeffy playing with the knife I keep in my bag. So when you see this shot, know that I'm the gangster, and he's just trying to copy me.

Sam putting in his time, and Jeffy nose blocking the ledge.

Finished up and feelin good.

Vinny and Colin at the next spot. I'm.. pretty stoked on what they hit, good choices guys!

It was a... Flat drop, flat drop, flat drop, flat drop, flat drop...

And Brett warming his hands at the lights. It was another freezing cold night. The temp was reading 0 degrees with a 20-30 mph wind, biting hard. Just to make things epic, this guy in the semi-truck was baffled by what we were doing. The lady in the truck with him was so excited to take photos of what we were doing, I just though it was hilarious. He told Brett something like he had never seen people doing this where he came from.. well, judging by the accent there aren't to many snowboarders in Tennessee. Glad we could make his night. Safe travels with your woman, truckee!

I had a good time kickin it with you guys, so thanks for letting me tag along!

Crew: Colin Wilson, Dan Vincent, Jeff Gabrick, Alek Binder, Sam Duncan, and Brett Spur.

thanks for peepin.

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