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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Zach W. surfing some smaller waves this past week at Oak St. There hasn't been to much swell, but he's making the most of it! Might be picking up later this week... :)

Around the studio. A lot has been happening here. We are gearing up for a super busy summer! Already it has been pretty hectic. I love it! I would love to see hundreds of kids sign up for surf camp with us.

We now have a couple mini ramps in our back yard. Once we're out of the water the choices are becoming endless. Ping pong? Skate? Bike? Surf again? Skim Board? Guitar? Dance Party? No limits to fun at the Soul Studio.

Neat things to look at daily.

Out my front door. I've had the chance to show many of my friends the studio. I wish I could show everyone. You'll all have to visit, lets go surf.

When I came back from MN this spring I found the YSS sticker on the door placed over the locks hole. I thought it was neat. Chris put it there, I guess he was missing me... :) Youth Shelter making it to Laguna Beach.

Come surf! Get on it.

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