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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The waves were once again pumping today!

I didn't shoot much, and I'm not sorry. I've been surfing my tail off! These waves are way to good to be passed up. Surfed Dmj's this morning, the conditions were perfect. Over head sets are kinda scary to wavestorm though. The Soul Surfing crew and I went down there this morning for a lesson, but it was way to big. I didn't want to loose anyone.. Soul Surfed instead.

Came back to laguna just to find fun nuggets every where. it was peaky and sizable up here also. Paddled out to find brando in the line up, amped on that! I finished the day right before low tide. Grabbed a few of the best waves and called it a good day.

Just a little bit ago shot these... beautiful evening.

I love this place. Can never get sick of the sun sets, waves, just the beauty of being in and around the ocean.. it's been life changing. I'm so blessed!! fo real. Thanks God for the hook-up.

peace out on this evening.

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