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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hiking the Top of the World.

Aaron Gomez, Tatum Gordon.
Friends for life!
... you also Jordan Smalls.

We went for a walk to shoot some photos for Tatum.. and Smalls found a pack of throwing knives.. we threw them. It was kinda schetchy looking back at it, but a lot of fun. Who leaves their knives at the top of the world?

This girl.

Jordan and I were about to battle!!! Then it got broke up and we started killing signs again.

Gomez overlooking a world of skate spots. No Joke!!! Welcome to the OC. It is houses for days.

Climbing over and under rocks, with knives.

A beautiful view. Sunny fog filling the canyons below. Three of my best friends, epic sesh.

I'm so amped on summer days like these! wow, feels so good to be alive! thank you Jesus!
Thank you, all my friends!
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