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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Farm, Wisconsin.

LeRoy Olhieser.
Grampa with his buck. He shot it while bow hunting, his passion in life. 

One of the wasp nests I came across. huge. 
It was pretty high in the tree, 
possibly meaning a lot of snow this year? Hoping so. 

I'm not sure which is right, the bottom needs to still be 8 degrees cooler. :) 

It's pretty land out there in Wisconsin. One of the smaller swamps. 

The Camp Site. 

the pup lays and waits for LeRoy to come back from hunting every night, he won't even budge, just kicks it till grampa comes back to let him inside. dog days.. hard life. 

just sitting around waiting.. been there before. 

Good times being a lumber jack in the fall. 
I also have a few shots of the Farm on
Cell phone foto love. 

thank for looking. 


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