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Sunday, October 30, 2011



Yes, it is that time again. 

Trollhaugen, WI and Wild Mountain, MN both opened up yesterday to begin the season of 2011-2012! whoo hoo! I am excited. 

I started out the year with Austin Young and Dave Parker at Troll yesterday. For the set-up there were a few rails, boxes, and jumps spread out in the deepest snow.  You can take almost a full run, but it's a bit of a hike at the time... Well worth it to those looking to get their first turns in! 


After snow, time to skate. We went to the St. Croix skate park to get a few more lines in for the day.
Austin Ollie's a trash can.

Little Garret Mckenzie was at the park. He wasn't able to go shred snow today, but he did get a few epic scooter tricks in on the concrete.

Dre. Ollie's for days.

The reason we went skating.. dave parker. Trying to get a few more shots before the park is closed down for the winter. Here dave is boosting some pretty decent airs into the bowl at St. Croix.

Backside 360 into the bowl!! jeez.. getting trickery with it.

I forgot this guy's name again.. I'm forgetful. :/
Hope he finds this blog and can check out some shots!

So yah, Snow and Skate all in the same day here in the Midwest. Not a bad deal.

Make sure to check out the post below! SBN Issue #5 is up and running! It is a photo story of Midwest Snowboarding last year, take a look. :)



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