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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Episode 3.

hehe... me^ :)

Yah Guys!! keeping them coming!

Porter Hogan shared some kind words and SBN #5 for me on his blog, Surf.Sounds.Collection.
Check it out this blog if you enjoy the surf scene! good, fresh stuff on it all the time.

I do realize that it probably seems strange that this MN kid keeps posting surf photos.. well, what porter said is true. I go to California in the summer and come back to MN in the winter. My relatives all think I'm nuts and have it backwards. Truth is, I have it right! Snow, skate, and surf; the life to live? Yes mam!

Working my way to living a life without limits is tricky though, takes it tolls, and many friends left in different states. Just stoked to have porter posting freshies so I can live the beach life through his blog!

I'm excited about all the good things going on in my life and my friends lives. Sharing it is just as exciting as doing it. So please, check out Surf Sounds, this blog, and SBN Issues, and Corduroy Lifestyles! We all live to share.



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