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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some Pre Shred at Wild.

Austin Young: Switch Front Board. 

Ryan Paul: 50-50 back 3. 

 How could you not love snowboarding here? 
Tow Rope, Super fun features, and rad people! 
You can lap this park a few hundred times in the 4 hours it has been open each day. Want to learn tricks? This is the way to do it. 

Austin Young and I have been getting there early and getting the set-up all dialed in, making Wild the most fun pre-season yet! With a little permission and some shovels we have been making feature after feature packed with challenges, and large gaps! So FUN!

 This corrugated pipe gets moved pretty constantly.. it's light making it easy, so it just goes everywhere doing everything. Gap it, slam it, wallie it, make it a quarter pipe.. all sorts of options. So, if your looking for a good shred sesh come join in! see ya there.

Again I want to thank Aaron and Amy for allowing this to happen! Thanks Wild. 


Cole Linzmeyer: airs and grabs for days!!! 

gare bare! 

Two of my favorite snowboarders. AY and Scott. 

sweet, thanks for looking! 
Hope that you also are getting outside and playing! 


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