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Monday, November 14, 2011

First Tracks.


First trip of the season; with Ryan Paul and Austin Young. 
Ryan's Idea: Go Snowboarding in WI. 

We were watching the weather and it had been snowing a lot in WI last week, so we decided to pack up a car and go have a little fun, just enough to start the season out right. We left early Thursday morning and returned 36 hours later to enjoy another weekend at our now open resorts in MN. 

Photos and Story.

Austin Young. First pow turns of the year. 

We were driving through some familiar territory and came across the 3m rail, found it setup and ready to go. Ryan went front lip, nailed it perfect right away, first shots of the season. 

Driving around was so awesome! Few places are as pretty as the Midwest during winter. First snow and a lot of it made this trip one of the most scenic trips of my life. 

2am photos under the full moon with fresh snow on the ground. 
Deep woods of the upper Midwest. 

After an evening of driving from town to town looking for things to do we parked the car in a pretty unique spot right on Lake Superior. We woke up to this sunrise blasting through the foggy car windows. Thanks to Ryan for having such a comfy Subaru. 

In the coffee shop checking weather and directions. 

I love this world we live in!!! It's so pretty, just can't get enough of travel, finding these new places... 
Snow covered ground with open water is among the most amazing scenes to see, for me at least. 

First stop. Hill with Snow. 
Stretching out the legs and getting some freshies. 

then just build a lil jump. 

Austin Young. Indy tail drag.

RPizzle double grab. 

                                                              Austin tree ride. 

                                                              RP front 3. 

A quick stop in a park, again to stretch the legs and look at new places. 


Austin type of spot. Looks ganster man!!! 

I was really surprised that there was that much graffiti where we were at. Guess they must get bored up there also.. haha. I would. 

Driving driving driving... covering some serious ground too! It was more of a sightseeing trip!
I'm down. 

                                                       Austin: Backside Nosepress.

                                                    RP: Boosting airs on a quick made, super fun, hip jump.

                                                                            RP: Handle grab, tweek mctweekin. 

Sometimes messing up a photo is a fun thing to do. It looks different from everything else I do.. maybe I'll mess up more photos this year? who knows... 

 Finishing this trip off. I think the three of us had a good time up in the North Woods. A trip that I would love to repeat. Filled with solid conversation, good snowboarding, and lots of new sights to see. 
No going wrong there. 

thanks for checking in, 


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