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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A lil Pre-season seasoning at Wild Mountain, Fall, 2011.

Kritter beast, 1817. 

Wild Mountain Pre Season Jibbin, 2011. 


the Crew. Kritter, Pete, Erik, Ay, Dave(chad). 

It was a board breaking day. 3 down.
AY 2 Points - Dave 1 Point

The Scene. 


Nose press? Austin Young. 


5-0, i think so. 

Cole Linzmeyer Nose press. 

Tail press... 


Front board gap front board. 

lets change it up! 

Can we build it? Yes we can! 

Anxiously waiting... 

oh bam! myself?? thanks for the photo show Erik Ralles. 

Garret McKenzie. 

Austin Young. 

Slamming down back 50's. 

Rocky!! Front lip all gnarly into the gnarly. 

I couldn't backlip it.. 

so just a lil hard way half cab... 

Bam! Rocky!! his real name is Cole Linzmeyer. Maybe ya heard of him? 

Austin. 270's and 270's through and through. 

Kritter Smash! He was spinning 270's onto, off of, and in between everything including the tow rope. 
smash smash smash smash smash
shmee shmee shmee 

all laugh and great times! so fun riding today. 

A photo showing the creativity shredding is coming too. I had a blast on this park, I didn't even have a chance to get at everything.. I was totally distracted by one line that kept my attention for hours.

Thank you to Aaron at Wild. Got to talk to you a little bit today and it's always a pleasure.  - Aaron has been a huge part in always making sure that there will be plenty of fun on the slopes pre-season. Getting us the features we would like to play on and keeping that tow rope running smooth. Every year at this time I get to say hello,  and well, it's pretty much the best time of the year. 
Thanks for your hard work. 

and the day wouldn't be complete without... dinner. 

Grilled on the patio. 
Ay and dave show their burger grilling talents. Taking the food at hand and making masterpieces. Tasted just as good as they look. 

Awesome day of snowboarding. I hope you also are getting your fill of the tasty slopes. If not, get on it. 

thanks for checkin in. 


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