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Saturday, October 15, 2011

RP's Skate Day.

Paige Koenhen with first drop for this guy. 

I joined my friend Ryan Paul today at his lil skate demo, skate day he held in Elliot Park, Minneapolis. 
It was so rad!!! There was a pretty good turn out of kids who wanted to learn how to skate on this beautiful day. 

I really can't think of a better way to spend time than giving it to other people. Today made me think a lot about what I do in the summer and all the things that could be done in a summer. Kids need people to look up to, who better than guys like Ryan Paul? I don't know a ton of people that will spend their time and money to teach kids they've never met how to skate. So, thank you RP for your example! Making an impact in the lives of many. 

RP and Aaron Becker! 

RP brought his grill out this afternoon. Making sure no one goes home hungry. 

Along with teaching some of the better skaters gave a little demo of just how much fun skating can be. 

This guy got a new hat today! keep those ears warm this winter buddy! 

Rolling around. Pretty legit introduction to a skate board. 

Hot Dogs! 

The crew! What an awesome turn out. 

Thanks to everyone who came out! I wish I was better with names and could put a few down... my bad. None the less, rad group of guys that can skate very well came and gave their day to stoke out the neighborhood kids. I appreciate it! 


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