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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails, 2010.

Yesterday was Awesome! I had the privilege of going to Hot dawgs and hand rails, 2010. Ryan Paul and Mike Casanova were there to ride in the event, both killed it, and both got more of my attention than anyone else. Other people that were awesome to see were peeps like the Hakker's, Desiree, Jake Kuzyk, Travis Miranda, Pat Garvin, Eli Wiener, Pat Lynch, Jp Walker, Joe Sexton... the list goes on and on. Snowboard Bro Fest 2010!!

The setup was so good this year. Nothing so crazy that it was scary, but still set up in ways that it could be big if you wanted it to be. Good job to the Bear park crew! You guys always kill it.

and thank you to bear for continuing this comp, and making it worth it for the riders to come out and play. Bear Kills IT!

Mike Casanova.

Rp testing the flex on his board.

Nova kept the comp progressive with big spins out of trick likes this.

This was ryans first hit. Back tail 270 out. Stomped like a boss.

Here's a few hundred for the eyes. It might be worth it to check them out..

A sick sesh at Big Bear. Awesome riding all around. Two shoutouts for the boys, Mike Casanova took home best trick, 5,000$ purse. Jake Kusyk took home 2nd place, with a few G's to go around. A very nice way for these two to start out there season.


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