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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few shots from past swell, Florida.

A pretty good idea of this past swell. It all got interesting at the ferry. 

On to islands and up the coast, chasing waves. 
We found a couple. 

I wish i knew who this is... any help? I have a sequence worth looking at. 

Blake kickin it on what I think could be compared to Trestles.
 No, not wave wise, but, a good chill spot. 

get gnarly. 

poppin back ones all day. 

The scene was enough for me. Mushy close outs didn't matter. 

Blake found out a good barrel. I was caught off guard... 

The remainder. 

If this was regular, it would have been better than it's best. 


The sunsets were insane. I'd go back for one any day. 


      A last glimpse at something kinda frustrating.
 A swell left us for dead in the water. 

It came in as a macking close out. 


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