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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goin Fishin'.

Last night's fishing trek. 
Austin Young, Krister Ralles and I went down to my secret spot to catch some catfish, instead, we caught Sturgeon! We weren't expecting that..

Ay with his. Lil guy, but it looked so cool! He got the first one. It was a huge surprise! I thought suckers or maybe even a complete skunk was going to be all we were in for. 


then i got this guy.. leangth of my arm, 4-5 pounds.. really neat fish,
 and the first of it's type I have ever caught. 


The best part was seeing my good friends and talking about the season to come! Krister and Austin both have a lot going for them these days in the midwest scene. I can't wait to see 'Convoy' (Bald-e-gal) with a heavy Kritter Brick part! I guess we'll fish and work till the snow flies. 

till then. 

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