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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some more amazing swell in southern california.

Here is yet another day of shooting some amazing surf. 
This trip is turning out a million times better than what I had thought.. Waves are so good! 
I never thought I'd see some of these spots light up like they are now. 

Kaboom!!! hammer waves throwing down some thunder!! 

Aaron Gomez finding a lil corner and pigdoggin it in deep! 

perfect wave left unhindered on it's way to the beach. 

Macking barrels going threw were probably close to impossible to catch.. just there for the beauty I guees! I love to see them roll through untouched, but I also like to imagine someone tucked nicely away deep under that lip... oooo weee!! I love waves! Power of the ocean.. it's incredible. 

Brandon Phillips tucking his head into this sweet lil corner. 
From a day of massive walls going through it was difficult to get a good corner to work with, but once in a while it worked out pretty well. 

ahh.. so tired from a day in the sun and water. 
I gotta rest up and get ready for a busy week shooting surf, skate, and maybe even snow. 
Trying to make this a busy season!! 

Thanks for checking.. :) 

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