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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Viktor Simco's 'Ollie's for Alzheimer's'

Viktor B. Simco! Ollie back one threw the gate.

The Ollie Crew. First Competitors for the annual "Ollie's for Alzheimer's". House of 1817 and Corduroy props!
Solid group of guys.

Today at Wild Mountain was the first ever, official, grand start, fabulous beginning of, Ollie's for Alzheimer's! Hosted by Wild Mountain and organized, designed, and thought up by, the one and only Viktor B. Simco! Today was a marker in Wild Mountain history, a small glimpse at the future of snowboarding. Today was all about Ollie's. A small ollie for mankind, a huge ollie to get over the bar! It was no small task to make it to the finals in today's comp. With a level playing field and all sorts of camber, the bar was set to a solid 4ft high ollie to take the cake.
Many tried, many tapped out. One kid that could ollie pretty good and hit that 4ft mark was Shane Ruprecht. Shane made a few switch ollie's at the 3 1/2ft mark to warm up for the solid four footer. He may have tapped, but when the snow settled, the bar stayed on the posts. Congrats to all that came out for the fun in the snow today! And congrats to the top 5 highest ollie's today!

Austin Young was out doing his best ollie's today. Clearing this 3ft mark was the pass into harder rounds, like 3 1/2, ultimately into a 4ft ollie!

Pete making this look easy and stylish! Hey kids, when you ollie make sure it looks something like this.

Setting the standard.

Shane bringing the knee's to where they need to be. Over the 4ft mark! There's no booter's in this photo, just a huge ollie!

The day ended off with Shop "star" Wars. Peter getting stylish into the bonk.

Cody Beiersdorf went down today during the last round. The word I heard was that he dislocated his shoulder. Praying for fast recovery for you buddy!

I pulled up my viewfinder to see Ethan Deiss. ...yah.

Here's the show of ollie's for today.

it was fun seeing how many times I could type, "Ollie".


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