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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Later that day...

I was planning on posting these photos right after I did the 'Morning' post. However, I ended up passing out to wake up and repeat the last few days, straight surfing. On top of that who wants to spend time inside when it is summer outside? So the post is coming a few days later... 'Evening'.

Porter and Willy Hogan, plus Mac and Troy fill up this photo story. Surfing Laguna with a little swell.

Porter getting out backside. He's ripping hard these days.

This guy.
He's alright.

Porter and Willy.

They both have some pretty good backhand skills. Must be brothers.

mac^ and Willy>

Mac^ and Porter>

Troy^ Porter boost!>

Getting work done.

troy is steezy!!! wavestorm master, Troy McDonald.

Lifestyles for some friends. I love the beach, so do they. One thing in-common that can make for a pretty epic team of instructors for Soul Surfing. We all do adventure camps, walking on water camps, private lessons.. swim, surf, skim, kill it. Mac and Troy are sick guys that know the beach well, I'm amped to be kicking it with these guys.



Troy. Body Barrel. Shack master.

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