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Monday, June 20, 2011

Surf, Sounds, Collection: Hang-out time.

Sean Herman! Sean was in town for the past few days... finally got to hang out with him last night. We grabbed some coffee and talked, chillin in laguna.

I think he came to compete in nationals, but I'm also pretty sure that turned into free surfing for most of the time... video edits will be posted soon I'm sure.


Tatum Gordon.

Porter, Sean, Myself.

Thanks for the photo Tatum.

Surf, Sounds, Collection: chillin at the Coffee Klatch.

More lifestyles.
This house is one of my favorites in laguna.

Cool spots to hang out at. It's so gorgeous here.

Thats a few pics of who we are. Sean and Porter both rip surfing, I shoot photos... we get published and blog a lot. Hopefully there are many many trips in the future with these guys. I'm amped on what they both do, can't wait to see where we all can take things. Make sure to check out the SSC Blog.

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