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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Skate day.


Yesterday I was able to go shoot photos of Aaron Gomez and Jordan Small Skating. Never a dull moment. These guys kill it so hard! Here's a photo walk through of the day.

Warm up's and Front 180's.


He's the Active TM. With a list of things to do he still finds time to escape pressure of team skating and do his own thing. I've always respected Gomez for his ability to skate so hard, now even more that he can put a team together and get tons of work done. Gomez is the man!

On our mission to find spots we also put this one together. A few tables to jib? I would maybe like to do a repeat on this spot...

Gomez shooting some pics of myself... Longboarding around the circuit. Stay in the lines!!!

Next stop, roof. Boostin a few airs and bonelesses. So sick.

Jordan putting together a fat boneless! and Gomez with the artsy shot of the day.

New angle for jordan.

...and to finish off the day jordan got gnarly on this lil down rail. We rolled up on this spot to check a different rail, but this one caught Jordan's eye. He went straight into the front board and got it a few try's in.

Such a fun way to spend a saturday.
Thanks Jordan and Gomez.

thanks for checkin in.

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