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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sun Baked.

Ooooh. I am loving this spring. I don't think anyone is hurting for waves right now. Feels good doesn't it?


Chance, Adz.

Friends Aaron Gomez and Tatum Gordon. Another sweet, sweet, sunset sesh.

Zack and adz splitting up.

Adz. Stealthy layback.

Waves... And zack's lil hit.

Oh my. One of the best waves I've ever seen in laguna.

Finishing closeout.


Some more.. adz. And a crazy shot! Backside hit and frontside barrel.

Chance was landing a few back 180 reverts.(thingys...) they were sick.

Sun dipped.

Sun baked and feeling good. Laguna is such a wonderful place.

thanks for peepin in.

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