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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Few shots.

Rex and Adz. Normal afternoon at the surf break.

Brooks St.

Chance and Zack.

Adams Lil brother Allen is starting to skim a lot! Watch out for this kid getting steezy.
And a Chapman Brother destroying brooks with a sick backside blast. Super Steezy.

These kids have to much fun. Adz punting lil airs and zack getting his feet barreled.

I'm gunna say shane cahpman? but i dunno.. He actually fits in the barrels at oak.

Few more backside blasts. Shred and Destroy!

More adz... He's a pretty outstanding surfer. Pulls out some neat moves from time to time.
Thanks for holding it down out there laguna kids! Keep ripping.

... kick out.

I shot these last two photos the yesterday... and there were really no waves. So this is what I shoot when I'm bored. Zach W tried a pretty sick backside reverse and almost stuck it. I was so amped to see him get a lil more progressive out there! epic.

I'm hoping to see a few of these kids put some determination into their riding and really start to kill it this summer. There is some good potential here.


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