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Thursday, November 29, 2012

this just in...

hahahaha.... oh man.
 I wanted to be amped about my new toy, but then this photo happened and now I just feel like an emo kid. Note to self, no photos after shower or at least get the hair out of your peripherals.
 On a more serious note, I am so amped on my new toy!!! The SPL came in today and I can't wait to get into the surf with it. I've been dreaming of this moment for a very long, long time. :) 

I took it out in front this evening hoping that the sunset would be a little brighter, oh well, can't win every time.  Its good to know that it doesn't leak! And of course any water time is a good time. 

looking back at tatum on shore. Gloomy test run, maybe tomorrow will be better. 

So stoked! Hoping to be putting some solid content on this blog in the upcoming winter months here on Maui. I am replacing snowboarding with surfing this winter in hopes to possibly further my career as an all around action photo guy. That and surf has just had my attention for the last few years and I feel like exploring it more could turn out very fruitful. We'll see. 

stay tuned and mahalo. 

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