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Friday, November 20, 2009

1st day of shredding edit.

1st day of shredding for me this season! I cruised over to Wild Mountain to check out the pre-season snow. I was pleased to find that a lot of good friends were there to partake in the joyous ocasion with me! I feel like pre-season is some of the best riding a person can get in the midwest! Its kinda like a family re-union. Everyone shows up in their own fashion and throws down like its the way its been all summer. Hugs and high fives are flung around then off to the chair we go. The fun starts here.

Greeted by these guys! Scott and Ethan.

Wild Valley!

What more could you want when you pull into the parking lot? Good friends kickin it getting ready for the shred! I love the midwest!

Pregaming the game.

Awesome view.

Ethan turns into Michael Jackson right here...

Dan! action shot... haha

Anthony Cappeta!

Brandon Larson on the edge of a sick backlip!

Zack and Anthony. Are they watching the shredder? na, They're admiring the skills of the guys holding the ladder in the background. We watched them struggle at getting the rope up for the whole lift ride. Good times.

Tom Bush!

Pete and um... oops. forgettin names... now i'm in trouble... but damn. Lookin good strappin in for the ride!


Zac Marben.

Simco and Bush. Sounds like future politicians.

Sunset and kids getting knocked out. A kid turned around and stopped just to find out that chairlifts continue going round and round.... Ouch! He took a good hit right in the noggin!

This is what happens when kids get knocked out by chairlifts.... Gotta bail off in the dirt.

Pete sending a lil snow in mike's direction.

Ethan Deiss!

Zack Snow!

The power of the midwest. The tow rope!


Blury action with Brandon Larson!

Tera Michelot came and gave out free hugs. Get 'em while you can!

Zack Snow gettin pressed on the coping!

Victor 50 - 50 the snow rail.

Dan Mueller Filmed everyone! Action shots all over the place! Look at the crowds of kids...

House of 1817's John Hodge!

Mr. Mike Cassanova!

Bunch of happy dudes that like to shred.

The VIC!

Scott Kulzer!

Pat Campanaro!


Victor with his first switch Method of the year! He rode away feeling quite proud!

wow. that was a lot of pics... one night of many many to come! Hopefully more to come tomorrow after a good hard day of work on the slopes. Check back in for the results!
thanks for lookin.

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