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Thursday, November 12, 2009


These kids are my Brothers. Each one is an awesome dude. I love being able to kick it with them.. they all have so much energy, each loves life.

On the way home tonight i realized something very important to me. I love going home. I never thought i would find myself thinking that. I never thought that i would be excited to say that home is my safety net. I realized that every time i turn on those familiar roads I smile. Knowing that I am so much closer to a place that i have confided in for so long.
Olson Rd. In quant little Sunrise, MN. I never even thought that I could ever wright something about this place. Her I am now saying that I owe so much to it.
I have Almost burned the back acres down with field fires. I have cut down and split hundreds of trees. I have raised and butchered chickens and turkey's. Collected the eggs of the chickens that stay. I give away kittens when farm cats have to many. I've shot predators to protect our flocks. I split wood to heat our home.

This thought came to me after I had the privilege of shooting photos with my family. I have shot a few pics of my little brothers from time to time. I have never purposed to make an album from it though. This last Sunday I did just that however.
I was not sure what to do with them. Really I had no clue where to start. Then, when I took out my camera they did all the work for me. I started with some shots of them running around in the woods, then worked my way to portrait style shots. Each one of them did their own thing, and I am so proud of them because they did it well! My youngest brother Isaac was very excited to have his pictures taken. It was so fun to shoot with him! He started making faces, playing with his hands, everything just came together! I hope you enjoy. :)

This is a new favorite Photo. Kids will be kids, and boys will be boys. Its just putting all these things together.

Run Run Issac! He's so stoked to be running!

Isaac Harrington

Gideon Harrington

Mark Harrington

Jonah Harrington

Four Brothers.

I had my mom take a few shot of me with my bro's. This happened. I love this little guy!

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