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Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 days of shooting.

Shooting is so much fun. I don't understand why I don't shoot everyday. I guess I see new things everyday though.. Today I think I saw a lot of things differently... Check it out for yourself.

Minneapolis. Waiting for my bro to get out of school, I was skating and saw this. It got me started on a spree of shooting.

I love this scene.

... 3 views of something beautiful.

Micah's condo. I'm not used to seeing things in disorder around Micah. He just moved from a house back into his condo though... Shoot it while its like this I guess.

Red Rider BB gun.

Amanda Renner.

This is the new view of Forest Lake I will have when I go to Micah's. Its not to bad.


I used a photo of this barn for my final in the first photography class I had. Glad to go back and shoot it again.

Bump! more like, "hey! we took the road out!"

Sunrise River.

This is at a park near my house. I feel that this picture explains itself. Lonely.

The Home Stretch.

This is kinda a different take than what I normally shoot. I've been bugged by the fact that I don't capture the things I see daily. This is kinda a new start for me. I hope you enjoyed.

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