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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gettin real wild at Wild!

Day 2 of riding. It was full of turns and insane tricks. Can't even describe the stuff that goes down on the slopes these days. Seems like every kid has a bag full of tricks, and pretty much all of them ooze style. I've been impressed these last few days by the talent on the hill. So excited to see where it goes! Well, here are some more pics. enjoy!

Start this out right! Matt Faust!

Cole, Animal, Morgan. Start to an awesome day full of full speed turns, slashing, and bashing.

Sam got pantssed! (made that word up...) Morgan celebrating a job well done.

Rp and danimals!

Danimals with a shovel 5-0 and rp busting out a front flip. Craziness all around.

lines going both ways.


Peter Limberg!

Huge air!

The guns of the midwest.

Yay for snowboarding.

Sam Fenton gettin buttery.

This is actually a Morgan edit. Indy!

Jeffy is a steez ball. He makes riding a chairlift look sick!

dirty kids...

more dirty kids...

Morgan edit!

Sam! FB profile pic right here!

Peter going huge!

Up-Town kids. They all kill on shred sticks and bikes! Fixed gears are there trade.

Kyle blasting Kyle. Sorry about the blur. We were going real fast.

Tindy's are sick.

Blasting snow!

RP. Ryan Paul. Also could be a politician...

So many kids! Its a snake fest out there.

Andrew Pettis. Real comfy.

Cole and Mr. Denny!

Some OG's here.

and this is the best pic. I didn't even take it Don B did. Classic though!

oh man... one of these days I'll settle down and take some not so blurry snow pics. Till then, enjoy the chaos!

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