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Thursday, November 19, 2009

So sick!

I was just going through some of the piles of cd's I have collected over my years of shooting and came across this image. I don't even remember the year.. 06 or 07. It was a while ago! I think the first year that troll held the Midwest Massacre? Anyways, so awesome. Joe was still an up and comer while Ricky was killing it! Still one of my favorite video parts is Ricky's part in Burning Bridges... So good. I don't know. This photo kinda takes me back to all of it. The fresh start for the midwest and its ever growing influence in snowboarding. I guess thats what I think of. Joe Sexton, Jonas Michelot, Ricky Tucker and a few others charging it, making a path for a lot of kids to follow these days. Our hometown influences are awesome!

Joe on the left, Ricky on the right.
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