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Monday, November 23, 2009

Not a model, but a chair. Not a person, but a chicken...

I wish my digital camera was a polaroid, cause then these would look so cool! I feel like a kid trapped out in the country where there are not nearly enough people. I end up walking around my backyard and neighbors back yards, bored outa my mind... Always looking for some way to fill my time. I've been trying to bring my camera with me a lot more lately and just snap pics of this and that. Its an interesting way to spend my time... granted I would rather be snowboarding, biking, skating, or hanging out having good conversation. For now random photos will work.

Chickens. Farms have tendencies to be really weird places. Things that are just not normal to most people are the normal there. Ingenuity plays a major role with most objects you do find. Make stuff work for what you need it for.

I think this chair came out of the Lord of the Rings... Its got that one dudes hand print on it or something. haha. It would make a sic thrown. I like this photo.

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